State Working To Improve Test Security

Aug 1, 2018

The state is making changes to better secure student testing and avoid more invalid scores or student retakes.

Some high school students in Loogootee will have to retake part of the ISTEP this fall. The state invalidated their scores earlier this year after a potential leak of test questions. The state also invalidated 2017 test scores for students at a Gary elementary school earlier this year because of administrative problems and testing irregularities.

Indiana Department of Education Director of Assessment Charity Flores says the department has made efforts to improve security training for test administrators through things like making it more interactive. But, she says, that’s not all.

“Another change that we have made related to test security and integrity is ensuring that all staff within a building receive appropriate training,” Flores says.

Previously, only staff who administered the tests received security and integrity training. Flores says the rule is in response to untrained staff’s involvement in test security violations.

“Sometimes those that teach off-grade levels to the assessment, sometimes still have access to information and share that information when it’s not appropriate,” she says.

The new training requirements start this school year, and IDOE reviews test security policies on an annual basis.