WBAA Bowl Blog: Better Three Hours Too Early Than One Minute Too Late

Dec 27, 2017

Credit Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

This press box is cavernous.

Three hours before game time, there's not much else to see here. It's me, a couple other reporters and volunteers who blundered their way up here like I did and a choir of young people down on the field practicing the national anthem so they can hear how the word "o'er" sounds coming out of the stadium loudspeakers.

Levi's Stadium is one of the newest in the NFL -- only about five years old. There are no obstructed sightlines in the arena itself, though that means the fans in the last row are technically sitting in Oakland, I think.

But seriously, this press box. They could have walled half of it off and turned it into a ball pit and STILL had enough room for traveling press, team sports information staff, cooks, waiters, police and even a few of the chickens from the Foster Farms logo.

Another way you can tell this is primarily an NFL stadium? All the on-field logos have been painted over to accommodate the one-day usage of this place before it gets back to its regularly scheduled programming. The end zone now clad in black and gold looks as though it's repping the Purdue 49ers.

Just a year ago, Indiana was playing in this bowl game (they lost 26-24 to Utah). Arizona has played in the Foster Farms Bowl as recently as 2012, when they racked up 62 points on Navy.

So now we wait. Look for a slideshow of pregame activities in a little while.