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Video Games Could Identify, Train Better Vet Surgeons

courtesy Purdue Veterinary Medicine

Video games have long been known to improve hand-eye coordination. Now, a Purdue study shows that may be of particular use to veterinary surgeons.

The research suggests video games may be better tools than the so-called “box trainers” vets currently use to learn laparoscopic surgery.

A box trainer is usually made from PVC pipe that's covered by a cloth to hide what's inside (usually rings which students are told to put on posts). The catch is that has to be done using two arms with mechanical fingers on the end.

But research from Drs. Heather Towle Millard and Lyn Freeman suggest experience with video games (at least 1000 hours lifetime, but 5000 or more is even better) can make a better veterinary surgeon because the same sorts of techniques are required to be good at both skills.