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Science and Environment

Last December Third-Warmest On Record, But Don't Chuck Those Mittens Yet

Susanne Nilsson

After one of the warmest Decembers on record. Indiana is set to see some more familiar winter weather heading into the new year.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Puma says the El-Nino-fueled jet stream that was pushing cold temperatures north into Canada is losing steam, and nature is leaving behind the spring-like temps Hoosiers enjoyed in December.

"We'll probably start seeing  a little bit more typical January weather which we see in Indiana," he says. "An occasional strong cold front comes through, and we get some cold arctic and polar air intruding into the Ohio Valley."

Puma says December 2015 was the third-warmest in the state's history. The average temperature was 42 degrees, 11 degrees warmer than usual.

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