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Climatologists: Indiana Fall Weather Several Degrees Warmer Than Average

Irene Grassi / https://www.flickr.com/photos/sun_sand_sea

The leaves are falling in Indiana, but temperatures... not so much. The weather has been unseasonably warm this fall, with highs in the 80s across the state at the beginning of November.

Chanh Kieu is an Indiana University atmospheric science professor. He says parts of Indiana are experiencing temperatures around 5-7 degrees warmer than the average.

"In particular, in October, and now they say even in early of November, we still see the trend of warming for the next few days," Kieu says.

And he says that's quite unusual. Kieu says some types of severe weather, such as a hurricane, can impact a  season’s weather.  But Kieu says the last century shows an undeniable warming trend.

“No matter what time you are using, you compare to 100 years ago or you compare to the last 70 years, you still got the same tendency," Kieu says.

Kieu says researchers are confident temperature extremes -- both hot and cold -- will be seen more frequently in coming years. 

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