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City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis is in a unique position to comment on an increasingly chippy Tippecanoe County sheriff’s race. He’s served on a police force with incumbent Barry Richard and is currently the boss of Richard’s leading challenger, Jason Dombkowski.

Law enforcement officials are revamping the Tippecanoe County jail’s visitation system, beginning next week.

A web portal will allow scheduling of onsite visits with an inmate and a remote visit function, via a Skype-like video feed. A video-chat will cost $4 for ten minutes or $10 for 25 minutes. Visitors can register a “visit” online or via kiosk in the department lobby.

City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette’s State Street partially reopened, on time, last month, and drivers have begun getting used to the new traffic patterns.

They’ve had a lot of time to do that because the new architecture leaves them idling in the road for much longer than the old setup did.

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The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department debuted its new use-of-force training technology Wednesday. The training involves setting up mock situations via video to prepare its officers for real-life noncompliance.

Deputy Sheriff Austin Waibel demonstrated, giving verbal commands and shooting an armed burglar -- while standing in front of a screen set up in a training room at the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department.

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Though the announcement came a few days earlier than he’d planned, West Lafayette Police Chief Jason Dombkowski says he’s running for Tippecanoe County Sheriff in next year’s election.

A countdown on his campaign website shows there are still more than 270 days until 2018’s primary election, in which the police chief of ten years could face off against current GOP sheriff Barry Richard, who won the office in 2014.

Calls to Sheriff Richard’s office seeking comment Monday went unreturned.

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Update, 1:10 p.m.: All public safety phone lines are fully functional at this time.

Phone lines at Tippecanoe County’s public safety departments spent most of this morning running on a backup system to receive non-emergency calls.

West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis says a power outage at the county jail knocked out a phone server, and took down the non-emergency lines.

Tippecanoe County Sheriff Barry Richard says though the primary line went out, a secondary system took over for the administrative phones.

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Two local law enforcement agencies are joining police departments across the nation in equipping officers with an antidote to heroin overdoses.

But not everyone agrees allowing police to administer Narcan is the best response to an increase in heroin use.

West Lafayette Police Chief Jason Dombkowski says heroin wasn’t really on the department’s radar until February. That’s when a Purdue student died from a heroin overdose. And while the incident occurred in Lafayette, Dombkowski realized the department needed to be better prepared to address drug use.

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Inmates at the Tippecanoe County Jail will soon have access to expanded health care services.

The county has entered into a contract with Muncie-based Quality Correctional Care to manage the facility’s medical staff.

Sheriff Barry Richard says the agreement includes a 60% increase in mental health treatment hours and a 35% increase in skilled nursing hours.

He says it also takes the responsibility of hiring nurses away from jail staff.

Improved Health Care In The Works For County Jail Inmates

Feb 4, 2015
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Inmates at the Tippecanoe County Jail could soon have access to expanded health care services.

Newly-elected sheriff Barry Richard is continuing with a proposal that was in the works before he took office.

Richard presented a 14-page proposal to County Commissioners last month in his first meeting in his new role.

In addition to making an outside company responsible for keeping the three nursing positions staffed, the plan calls for expanded mental health services.

In Tippecanoe County, it was an upset win in the County Assessor’s race.

Democrat Eric Grossman won 53-percent of the vote compared to 47-percent for Republican incumbent Linda Phillips.

Grossman previously worked in the Assessor's office for four years, including two under Phillips.

Barry Richard will be the new Tippecanoe County sheriff.

The Democrat came out on top with 62-percent of the vote to defeat Independent candidate Chris Schuiszi.