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This summer, users of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—commonly known as food stamps—can show their benefits card to catch a free ride to Greater Lafayette farmer’s markets—and, in West Lafayette, make their money go twice as far through a new program that doubles their benefits.

Greg Seiters is trying to decide if the extra funds outweigh the wait time.

“Well,” Seiters says, “generally, they’re on time.”

He’s waiting at a CityBus stop near his Lafayette home on a sweltering Wednesday afternoon.

Emilie Syberg / WBAA

Lafayette’s Food Finders Food Bank is partnering with CityBus this summer to deliver fresh produce to ten sites throughout the city. The initiative supplements the food supplies low-income families need during a tough time of year: the summer break from school.

The first phase of the reconstruction of State Street is due to begin Monday, and that’ll mean changes for bus riders in West Lafayette. CityBus employees and riders alike are trying to see the closure of one of the city’s busiest streets as a blessing in disguise.

CityBus officials have planned detours for the company’s routes that use State Street. Development Manager Bryce Gibson says he hopes the detours are an opportunity for people who hadn’t previously been using public transportation to start.

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High overhead CityBus’s Lafayette headquarters tower three wind turbines, which whir almost melodically on this blustery winter day.

They’re the most visible sign of the corporation’s push to be more environmentally friendly.

But on the ground, there’s a different whirring sound that foretells of the newest such effort -- a generator helps run power tools and a radio playing country music as half a dozen workmen install a natural gas pumping station.

City of West Lafayette

A major budget line item for any city is its infrastructure.

From repairing roads and bridges to maintaining a fleet of vehicles, upkeep isn’t cheap.

On this week’s Ask The Mayor, we find out from West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis what a number of developments on the state and local level mean for his city’s future.

CityBus experiences record ridership

Feb 10, 2014

CityBus General Manager Marty Sennett is scheduled to speak with WBAA every other month about what's going on at the transit service that serves Greater Lafayette.

This month's discussion includes record ridership numbers and efforts by the transit service to make its fleet "greener."

CityBus General Manager Marty Sennett is scheduled to speak with WBAA every other month about what's going on at the transit service that serves Greater Lafayette.

The first two topics cover safe drivers and mechanics, and a safety campaign CityBus is creating with Purdue Police. Also, he discusses ridership numbers for 2013.

CityBus finalizes contracts with Purdue, Ivy Tech

Jul 26, 2013

CityBus has approved contracts with Ivy Tech and Purdue for the coming year.

General Manager Marty Sennett says there are no changes with Ivy Tech’s service. He says a few changes are coming to Purdue routes.

That includes late night service on Thursday nights.

"The Purdue students can have a safe ride back after partying like they do Friday and Saturday nights," he says. "Also, we're changing the Gold Loop (route) from a ten to a 15 minute frequency."

CityBus offers new, more flexible passes

May 31, 2013

Beginning tomorrow CityBus will replace its monthly pass with a new 31 day pass.

Instead of being valid from the first day of the month until the last day, the new pass is activated upon first use and remains valid for 31 days.

The price for the passes remains the same—$28 for a regular 31 day pass and $14 for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Officials with the transit service say it is a more flexible option that was developed based on customer feedback.

CityBus sees record one-day ridership

Jan 25, 2013

The cold weather earlier this week seems to have prompted more people to get on the bus instead of walk to their destination.

CityBus reports a record number of passengers rode the bus Tuesday, January 22. The number of riders was 33,476. The previous one-day record was 33,042 set January 12, 2012.

Another record was broken Tuesday. The Silver Loop, which travels the Purdue campus, carried 9,879 riders.