Indiana Farm Bureau

The cost of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is up slightly compared to last year. The Indiana Farm Bureau estimates the increase at a little more than 3%.

The biggest factor is the cost of turkey, which $0.20 per pound more than a year ago. The organization reports the cost is still reasonable at about $5 per person.

A breakdown of the cost of each item this year and last, provided by the Indiana Farm Bureau:

A local agricultural leader thinks Hoosier farmers are setting a good example for their counterparts in India.

Tippecanoe County Farm Bureau President Kevin Underwood spent two weeks learning about Indian agriculture in the Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi. He was one of about 30 farmers selected to take the trip as part of the Indiana Ag Leadership Program.

Underwood hopes the effort put forth by the program’s participants helps change the Indian society’s negative view of farmers.