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Purdue University announced Thursday soon-to-be-graduates will be able to participate in a virtual commencement ceremony, with caps, gowns, diplomas, speeches, and Purdue Musical Organization accompaniment. 

“Purdue is known for the most personal and memorable commencement of any large university. If we can’t put on the nation’s best traditional ceremony, then we’ll produce the best remote one,” said Purdue President Mitch Daniels.

Purdue University

Purdue University announced Tuesday a student has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a statement, the Tippecanoe County Health Department informed the university of the positive case Monday. The student, who is based on the school’s West Lafayette campus, is currently in Marion County.   

Purdue University


Unconfirmed reports are circulating that a Purdue University student may have tested positive for COVID-19. 

“We are aware of an unconfirmed report that a Purdue student has tested positive with COVID-19,” said Purdue spokesperson Tim Doty. “Purdue continues to follow CDC guidance and is in contact with local and state health departments to confirm the report and take any and all necessary actions.”

Purdue University


Purdue University’s in-person spring commencement ceremonies have been officially cancelled. 

Purdue University

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels and Provost Jay Akridge announced significant new restrictions Tuesday in response to the escalating threat of coronavirus, including moving all courses online before classes resume after spring break. 

“We recognize that these actions will raise many questions about specific situations,” Daniels and Akridge wrote.

According to the statement, the pause in classroom instruction will last “as long as in-person instruction seems inadvisable,” possibly through the end of the spring semester. 

Purdue University


Purdue University announced Thursday a halt to all university-sponsored international travel over the school’s upcoming spring break. 

Purdue University


Purdue University’s President Mitch Daniels and Provost Jay Akridge have announced a series of precautionary measures the school plans to take in case of a coronavirus outbreak. 

“It is our hope that we are preparing for many eventualities that will never occur,” Daniels and Ackridge wrote in a letter Monday.  

Purdue: Climate Change Hurts Indiana Fish

Jan 1, 2020

Climate change is causing populations of Indiana’s coldwater fish, the cisco, to drop.

Purdue University

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels is retracting and apologizing for a comment in which he called African-American scholars, in his words, rare "creatures.”

The apology was addressed to five campus organizations, all representing students or faculty of color.  One of the organizations receiving his apology is the Purdue chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP. Purdue NAACP President Carey Walls says he and other students shouldn’t have had to ask for an apology.  

AT&T, Purdue University Partner For 5G Research Lab

Nov 27, 2019

Purdue University College of Engineering and AT&T are building a new lab that will expand research into 5G technologies. The collaboration will provide a test bed for entrepreneurs and researchers.

Student ID Card
Purdue University

505 more Purdue students now have IDs that will let them vote in local elections thanks to the school’s so-called “fee vacation.”

As of August, Purdue now prints expiration dates on student ID cards to make them comply with Indiana’s voter ID law. These new IDs cost $10, but they were available at no cost to students who exchanged their current one during a specified week in October.

Purdue Bursar Tim Riley says more than 1,300 students have received voter ready IDs since they were released, but only the most recent 500 didn’t pay a fee.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded Purdue University researchers about $1 million to develop growing techniques for organic hemp production.

In Indiana, we grow a lot of corn for gasoline, but plants like switchgrass and sorghum can be used for fuel too — and producing those fuels creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

But those plants can also be harder to break down. Researchers at Purdue University say they’ve found easier ways of doing it. 

Taylor Haggerty / WBAA News

After West Lafayette’s recycling drop-off center closed earlier this year, local officials struggled to find a way to meet demand from residents. The closure coincided with a nationwide upheaval as China stopped accepting materials from the United States.

China’s decision has had far-reaching effects, with major recycling centers closing or halting operation in multiple states.

Despite being a landlocked state that didn’t do much work with China, Indiana has also felt the impact. China’s decision has created a glut in the market – so even if facilities process materials, they may not have any buyers.

Scientists from around the country were in Indianapolis this week to learn more about technological innovations in the state.  The first Indiana National Lab Day hosted federal science and technology leaders and Indiana researchers to highlight quantum science and engineering work being done in the state.