Ryan O'Gara

City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette developers are making progress on plans for Chauncey Hill Mall development. As new construction begins, local officials are going over comments received during last month’s public comment period.

Area Plan Commission member Ryan O’Gara, who is in charge of the plan, says they received some proposals for high-rises and other housing options.

He says the plan can provide a solution for Purdue University’s housing shortage.

The future of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Plan remains in limbo. It failed to get a majority vote for or against it from the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission (APC), so the panel will reconsider it next month.

Most of the comments at Wednesday night’s meeting were from New Chauncey residents in opposition to the proposed guidelines, including Rick Thomas. He calls the plan a long-term recipe for urban development that relies on cycles of deterioration followed by urban renewal with a focus on business and commercial development.

APC rejects duplex development

Sep 19, 2012

A plan to build a 178 lot duplex development just outside of West Lafayette is not getting the backing of the Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission.

Members voted eleven-to-one against the project between Kalberer Road and County Road 500 North.

Assistant Director Ryan O’Gara says the proposal does not align with the makeup of the community.

“Staff just generally has a problem with this whenever there is an increase in density on the suburban fringe, which this certainly qualifies for that designation,” he said.

Owners of a property along Northwestern Avenue are revamping plans for a development there.

Stadium Capital LLC wants to construct an apartment complex across from Mackey Arena that also will have retail space.

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission rejected the company’s initial proposal earlier this year because of concerns primarily regarding parking.

However, assistant director Ryan O’Gara says the new plans fall more in line with the area’s makeup.  He says the downsized project is a more attractive option for the site.

The developer of a mixed-use project on Northwestern Avenue has submitted new plans for that location.

Marc Muinzer previously proposed developments known as Boiler Cribs and the Landmark.

The biggest sticking point in both plans was parking.

Assistant director for the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission Ryan O’Gara says the new development, which doesn’t have a name yet, has 502 spaces instead of 295.

He says the structure remains six stories, but the number of bedrooms has been reduced from 600 to 558.

Tippecanoe Co. APC signs off on two projects

Mar 27, 2012

Area Plan Commission members voted in support of two rezoning requests for developments in Greater Lafayette.

The first will allow Alcoa to expand production on its existing property in Lafayette. The new $90 million facility will house an aluminum lithium casting production line, which will add 75 full-time jobs.

APC Assistant Director Ryan O’Gara says the project represents an important step for economic development in Lafayette.

Tippecanoe County Officials are supporting a proposal from Faith Ministries to develop a vacant lot in West Lafayette.

The Area Plan Commission voted last night to recommend a rezoning request for the former Family Inn property on Northwestern Avenue.

The proposed development is called Faith West, and features apartments, a ministry facility, and a landscaped park.

Senior Pastor Steve Viars says thanks to input from community members, it will be easy for nearby residents to access the facilities, especially the park.