Sheila Klinker

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Among the bills Greater Lafayette State House members are pondering in the upcoming Indiana lawmaking session are ones that tackle some pressing health issues facing the state.


State Representative Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) says she’s planning to write a bill for the upcoming legislative session that attempts to tackle one of Governor Eric Holcomb’s top priorities: reducing vaping.

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A Saturday breakfast with lawmakers who represent Tippecanoe County in the Indiana General Assembly generated so many questions from attendees about education that moderators had to offer more time for the legislators to respond.

West Lafayette Rep. Chris Campbell says lawmakers are considering boosting school funding by two percent, but she says that might not be enough.

“At face value, it doesn’t look like the funding is going to be adequate enough to cover things like those pay raises that those teachers much need,” Campbell says.

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As construction crews near the halfway point of Lafayette’s Combined Sewer Overflow project, they’re finishing off some big elements. Friday, the city opened a giant water tank, about the size of an NFL football field, for media tours before it’s sealed off.

To enter the tank on Friday morning, visitors including State Rep. Sheila Klinker and Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski had to walk through a darkened pipe, nine feet in diameter.

“Can you imagine when the water’s flowing through here?” Roswarski says.

“Listen to that echo. Woo!” Klinker says.

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West Lafayette representatives are condemning hate speech posted at a local church over the weekend.

Racial slurs and threatening language were displayed on posters tacked outside of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

Rep. Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) says she’s shocked and concerned, especially since the incident happened at night.

“They are doing this behind everyone’s back and will not admit that they’re doing it because they know most of the people in our area do not agree with this and certainly are not on their side,” Klinker says.

Klinker Edges Out Hockema For the Second Time

Nov 5, 2014
Indiana House Democrats /

Sheila Klinker is headed back to the statehouse for her 17th term as State Representative for District 27.

The Democrat once again held off Republican challenger Chuck Hockema, winning 51.8-percent of the vote.

Klinker admits the media blitz put on by her opponent had her worried.

"I'm very grateful," says Klinker. "I serve on the State Budget Committee, which travels the state to look at priorities for the upcoming session. So I do have some leadership positions that mean a lot to me and I really feel very honored to continue those."

Klinker to seek reelection

Feb 6, 2014

A long-time Lafayette-area state representative is seeking her 17th term in office.

Sheila Klinker announced her intentions yesterday.

The Democrat has held the District 27 House of Representatives seat since 1983.

So far Klinker is the only candidate to file campaign paperwork for that race.

In 2012 Republican Chuck Hockema ran against Klinker, earning 45.5 percent of the vote.

If a Republican does not run for the seat in the primary election, the party has until June 30th to slate a candidate for the general election.

Klinker supports, hopes to expand preschool pilot program

Jan 21, 2014

Lafayette-area state representative Sheila Klinker hopes the state-funded preschool pilot program passed by the House is just a start.

The proposal would provide vouchers for four-year-olds from families with an income of no more than 185% of the Federal Poverty Level.

But Klinker says Indiana needs to be a state that makes sure all children have access to quality preschool programs.

The bill passed easily in the House but could face hurdles in the Senate.

Lawmakers in that chamber cited cost concerns when they scaled back a similar proposal last year.

State lawmakers from the Lafayette area have a better idea of problems facing small business owners.

They held a town hall meeting Thursday to get input on issues entrepreneurs are facing and feedback on current laws and regulations. Several business owners say the unemployment insurance system is stacked against them.

Representative Sharon Negele (R-Attica) says she’s realized the same thing with the small business she and her husband run.

A Lafayette-area lawmaker says a proposal that would loosen the requirements to be a school superintendent could ultimately hurt the state’s schools.

State representative Sheila Klinker says the leader of school districts should have classroom experience.

She says running a school corporation requires a lot of knowledge that can only be gained by going through the steps to be licensed.

Klinker voted against the measure in the House, along with fellow state representatives Randy Truitt and Sharon Negele.

Representatives Tim Brown and Don Lehe voted in favor.

A Lafayette area lawmaker says giving guns to teachers is not the way to make the state’s public schools safer.

State representative Sheila Klinker says she’s not opposed to having armed law enforcement professionals employed by schools.

But she says teachers have enough to worry about without adding security officer to their job description.

Klinker is a member of the House Ways and Means committee, which altered a Senate school safety bill to allow schools to opt out of a requirement to employ armed safety officers.