Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Manufacturing companies all over the state have open positions and can’t find qualified workers to fill them. These jobs require specialized training because the new world of manufacturing requires more technology-based skills. So companies are finding new opportunities to teach them.


The first Impreza rolled off the line at Subaru’s only North American factory, in Lafayette, on Tuesday.

The car-maker hired 1,400 people, for a total staff of 5,500, and invested $1.3 billion to start producing the new model.

Subaru’s Lafayette capacity has grown 55 percent in the past two years, to nearly 400,000 vehicles a year.

They’re all made with parts from 28 Indiana suppliers, and steel from Northwest Indiana, says executive vice president Tom Easterday.

Subaru Nears Completion On 1,200 New Hires

Jun 2, 2016
Annie Ropeik


Subaru is ahead of schedule on hiring 1,200 new workers at its only factory in the U.S., in Lafayette.

A thousand new employees are already at work at Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA), gearing up to start making new Outback and Impreza models later this year.

Indiana Sen. Dan Coats (R) visited the plant on Thursday and praised the hire:

"It's a lot more fun if you're an elected representative to go to a building where they're adding people rather than subtracting them," he said.


Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Subaru is cutting back on production and overtime at its Indiana factory to free up parts for a major recall.

The Japanese car-maker has to fix a steering problem in more than 50,000 new vehicles made recently at its only plant in North America.

The Lafayette factory employs more than 4,000 workers -- and thanks to the recall, as many as 3,000 of them may miss out on daily and Saturday overtime for the next few weeks.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive

A fourth vehicle model is set to be manufactured at Lafayette’s Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant beginning in 2018.

SIA officials announced Monday that a new larger three-row crossover model will be added to the production line, effectively replacing the Tribeca, which is no longer manufactured.

Beyond that, little is known about the unnamed vehicle, including how the plant will expand to increase production or how many jobs might be created.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Subaru of Indiana Automotive announced today the Lafayette plant will be increasing its workforce and production by nearly a third -- and adding 1,200 new jobs -- as part of its plan to increase its production output.

SIA is investing $140 million dollars to up production by nearly 100,000 thousand vehicles a year.  SIA currently produces about 300,000 cars each year.

The expansion will take place over the next two years, and most of the jobs will be on the production line.

SIA Vice President Tom Easterday expects the new hires will come from within Indiana:

Lafayette park closes for renovations

Mar 19, 2014

Lafayette’s South Tipp Park is getting a makeover.

The city is partnering with Subaru of Indiana Automotive on the $260,000 project.

Crews are ripping out the old playground equipment to make way for a complete renovation of the park along Third Street, next to Bauer Community Center.

Plans include the addition of new swings, a 20-foot shelter, and water spritzer.

In honor of the primary donor, the park will be named Subaru South Tipp Park when it opens in early fall.

SIA tax abatements receive initial approval

Feb 27, 2014

The Lafayette Redevelopment Commission has unanimously approved tax abatements for Subaru of Indiana Automotive.

The tax breaks are the first step in the automakers’ planned $422-million investment to build a new model in Lafayette.

The commission’s vote sends the issue to the Lafayette City Council Monday for consideration.

SIA plans to start making the Subaru Impreza at its Lafayette plant in 2017.

Lafayette mayor Tony Roswarski says while there is widespread damage from yesterday's storms, the city is faring well.

He says there were only a handful of injuries reported, and no deaths.

Roswarski says the scenario could have been much different if the severe weather hit on a weekday.

He says two Lafayette manufacturers have some extensive recovery work ahead.

Roswarski says Subaru of Indiana Automotive's plant was hit hard.

He says the facility suffered extensive damage to its roof and equipment that was housed there.

SIA reaches production milestone

Aug 28, 2013

A blue 2014 Subaru Outback - that was the honored car at the Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) plant Wednesday.

The Lafayette facility produced it as its four millionth vehicle since production began in 1989.

Executive Vice President Tom Easterday says the company’s growth has continued even through the recent recession.

“The Outback, the Legacy and the Camry have all sold very well in recent years, and that’s enabled really to go from our three millionth vehicle, which was produced on September 29, 2009, to our four millionth vehicle here in less than four years.”