Tippecanoe County Commissioners

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The Tippecanoe County Commissioners passed an ordinance Monday fining residents who discard non-recyclable items at the county’s recycling drop-off sites.

Offenders are docked $250 for the first violation, $1,000 for a second violation within one year, and up to $2,500 for a third violation in 12 months.

“We’ve had electronics, water heaters, construction debris, scooters, bicycles, you name it—things have been left there that are just truly not recyclable,” Commissioner Tom Murtaugh says.

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Commercial wind energy technology is no longer allowed within Tippecanoe County. County Commissioners unanimously approved a ban on large-scale wind farms at their meeting Monday.

Wind farms have sparked contentious debate in several West Central Indiana counties. Tippecanoe County commissioners argue that because of the county’s high population density and potential for economic growth, the developments aren’t a good fit.

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An ordinance that would ban large-scale wind farms from Tippecanoe County is moving on to county commissioners for approval and implementation. The Area Plan Commission voted to recommend its passage at a meeting Wednesday.

Meeting attendants argued both for and against wind turbines. That’s a change from previous discussions of the proposed ban, which were mostly opposed to wind farm development.

Those in favor of wind farms say the ban is a step back for Tippecanoe County and limits potential developments in sustainable, green energy.

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The Tippecanoe County Commissioners are one vote away from changing their policy on how the county courthouse may be used for displays and demonstrations.

The previous policy, which allowed the commissioners to approve or deny permits as they saw fit, was struck down by a federal court earlier this year.

The new policy is, in the words of county attorney Doug Masson, “viewpoint neutral,” though it retains restrictions on when a display may occur – mostly to avoid disturbing legal proceedings in the courthouse.

Four Legs Better Than Two When It Comes To Relieving Stress

Apr 3, 2017
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Tippecanoe County is enlisting help from man’s best friend to make court appearances less stressful for abused and neglected children.

Court Appointed Special Advocate Executive Director Coleen Connor says local members of Therapy Dogs International contacted her at the same time she and some volunteer advocates were investigating the idea of bringing a trained therapy dog into the courtroom to calm some of the most-traumatized child victims.

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Tippecanoe County officials may be coalescing around the idea of using a mobile unit to house the county’s recently-approved syringe services program.

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Property owners will have an opportunity next month to comment on the Tippecanoe County Board of Commissioners' plan to create a new property tax to fund major bridge projects.

Board President Dave Byers says county leaders will likely set a maximum tax rate at about 1 cent per $100 assessed valuation.

County Auditor Bob Plantenga says the property tax increase would trigger state-mandated tax caps, which would in turn, reduce Lafayette’s tax revenue by about $54,000 a year and West Lafayette’s by about $34,000 annually.

2015 Budget For Tippecanoe County Slightly Higher Than 2014

Oct 14, 2014
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The 2015 budget for Tippecanoe County is roughly four-percent higher than in 2014.

The $41.3-million spending plan was unanimously approved by Council members this morning.

Auditor Jennifer Weston says a three-percent raise for county employees accounts for much of the increase.

She notes there is a gap of a little more than $800-thousand between anticipated revenue and estimated expenses.

But Weston says in the past several years the county has not spent all of the budgeted dollars.

Hearings Underway For The 2015 Tippecanoe County Budget

Sep 9, 2014
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Tippecanoe County officials have begun the process of finalizing the 2015 spending plan.

Budget hearings began this morning, with a roughly $1.5-million shortfall between anticipated revenue and expenses for next year.

Auditor Jennifer Weston says a big reason for the gap is a proposed pay hike for county employees.

"Revenue is not increasing at all," says Weston. "But we did budget a 3% increase for salaries for next year, and so that was about $1-million of it."

She says the three-percent raise is not set in stone yet.

A White County company is looking to relocate to Tippecanoe County.

Jessup Paper box is currently housed in several buildings in Brookston.

Owner Butch Huber says the plan is to get the entire operation under one roof.

Commissioners this morning approved a ten-year, $1.6-million tax abatement to help the company purchase land near the intersection of Veteran's Memorial Parkway and US 52.

Huber says there are no plans to add jobs initially, but he's optimistic that will happen as Jessup Paper Box continues to grow.

The company was established in 1959.