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2015 Budget For Tippecanoe County Slightly Higher Than 2014

Jimmy Emerson

The 2015 budget for Tippecanoe County is roughly four-percent higher than in 2014.

The $41.3-million spending plan was unanimously approved by Council members this morning.

Auditor Jennifer Weston says a three-percent raise for county employees accounts for much of the increase.

She notes there is a gap of a little more than $800-thousand between anticipated revenue and estimated expenses.

But Weston says in the past several years the county has not spent all of the budgeted dollars.

"Really we're hoping that it's still a break-even year for us as far as revenue matching actual expenses," says Weston. "In the past we had been budgeting revenue equal to the budget, and we were able to build some cash reserves. And now we're saying maybe we don't need to continue to build those reserves at this point in time."

She says if for some reason expenses do exceed revenue, the county will draw from its cash reserves to cover the difference.

Commissioner David Byers says health insurance costs are expected to rise by about nine-percent.

He says an increase in the amount employees pay toward their insurance will help cover some of that.

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