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LGBT advocates say they’re waiting on pins and needles for a U.S. Supreme Court ruling later this month on marriage equality.

But they say regardless of the outcome, there’s more work to be done.

Ohioan Jim Obergefell married his husband John Arthur in Maryland in 2013.

But when John died a short time later, Ohio didn’t allow Obergefell to be recognized as Arthur’s husband on the death certificate.

The ensuing court case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court and could ultimately legalize same sex marriage across the country.

Indiana Couples Travel To DC For Gay Marriage Hearing

Apr 28, 2015
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As he rode to the airport to catch a flight back home to Indiana today, Greg Hasty’s voice spewed excitement.

“It was a huge crowd, a beautiful day. There were a lot of people coming together and sharing in the common goal, which is equality,” Hasty said.

Hasty and his husband CJ Vallero, who were plaintiffs in the case against Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban, were one of many couples who traveled to Washington D.C. over the past few days for the Supreme Court’s arguments on same-sex marriage.

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Opponents of the proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act say it’s not about religious freedom, but about legalizing discrimination.

Proponents of RFRA say they’re worried about the government encroaching on their practice of religion.

But opponents say RFRA goes much further than simply protecting religious practices; they say it will allow private citizens to discriminate because of their religious beliefs. 

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The U.S. Supreme Court Friday agreed it will rule on the validity of same sex marriage in all 50 states.  The Court’s move creates the possibility that gay marriage could become illegal in Indiana once again, but lawyers representing gay couples in the state think it's unlikely the high court could reverse several earlier decisions.

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Democrats are mounting a full-court press to unseat one of the most conservative members of the Indiana Senate.

Carmel Republican Mike Delph won his last reelection race by 18 points, narrowly winning the district‘s Indianapolis precincts while piling up most of his seven-thousand-vote margin in conservative Hamilton County.

Since then, Delph‘s L-shaped district has been slightly redrawn, adding Zionsville and more of Indy‘s westside.

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The Indiana Attorney General’s office is warning same sex couples who got married in a narrow window in June that their marriages may not be valid.

On June 25, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Young ruled Indiana’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional -- and didn’t stay the effects of his ruling. 

Two days later, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals did halt the ruling.  And in those two days, hundreds of same sex couples across the state got marriage licenses. 

But the Attorney General’s office says some of those marriages could be invalid. 

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Some questions for the mayor this week:

Lafayette and West Lafayette recently signed a proclamation decrying domestic violence. But what I want to know is what the city is actually doing – what resources are you investing to reduce the incidence of it?

What's the latest is on the talks to create the one-stop center for social services that was mentioned a few months ago. Is that any closer to fruition?

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Following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision Monday not to hear appeals from Indiana and four other states, the clock again started ticking on same-sex unions in the state.

They were legal for about two days in June after a ruling from Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Young invalidating the state's gay marriage ban. But that decision was stayed, even after a three-judge panel from the Seventh Circuit sided with Young later in the summer.

Part Of One Gay Marriage Suit Against Indiana Reinstated

Sep 17, 2014
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The federal judge who declared Indiana‘s gay marriage ban unconstitutional has reinstated part of a separate marriage lawsuit against the state.

In an order filed on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Richard Young restored a suit from four same-sex couples who were married outside Indiana.

The couples sued Governor Pence in an effort to get the state to recognize their marriages as legal. Attorney General Greg Zoeller‘s office asked that the lawsuit be dismissed, saying the governor did not have the authority to affirm the legality of marriages.

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Same-sex couples in Indiana still aren’t able to get married as a federal appeals court continued to freeze the effects of its ruling striking down the state’s gay marriage ban until the U.S. Supreme Court can weigh in on the issue. 

When a federal district court judge ruled in June that Indiana’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals halted that ruling until it could hear the case.