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Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski

City of Lafayette

Some questions for the mayor this week:

Lafayette and West Lafayette recently signed a proclamation decrying domestic violence. But what I want to know is what the city is actually doing – what resources are you investing to reduce the incidence of it?

What's the latest is on the talks to create the one-stop center for social services that was mentioned a few months ago. Is that any closer to fruition?

I saw a political ad on TV the other day where you were endorsing a candidate on the ballot this year, and it caused me to wonder about next year. Are you running for re-election?

As I’ve been out and about in Lafayette and West Lafayette, it’s been puzzling to me that West Lafayette has a complete smoking ban and Lafayette doesn’t in its establishments. Why is that?

You and I talked last month about rejuvenating downtown and within the last week you’ve had some consultants in to suggest ways to do that. Have you heard any early impressions? What do you think they might suggest?

How does the Supreme Court’s decision not to rule on gay marriage appeals by Indiana and other states affect Lafayette?