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IU-Kokomo Professor To Help Monitor Ukraine Elections


An Indiana professor will be among 900 volunteers in Ukraine to help monitor the country‘s upcoming presidential election.

IU- Kokomo Professor Kathy Parkison, an economics professor and the interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, will be one of the observers keeping watch at the polling places for signs of voter intimidation or voter fraud.

“You watch the closing, you watch the count. You verify that if they had 35 votes for this and 50 votes for that, or whatever the number is, that they write down 35 and 50,” Parkison says.

The ballots will be cast on paper and placed in a clear Plexiglas box.

Parkison is not concerned about the current civil unrest in Ukraine and she believes she will be safe. She said she has monitored elections there before as well as other international locations like Macedonia. There will be 90 Americans among the 900 international observers keeping watch on the election.