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Edamame: Exotically Familiar

When eating at a new restaurant for the first time, you might want to try something different. It could be a dish that features the best of a certain region of the world, or maybe it's just something you can't pronounce.

Scott Hutcheson went out of his comfort zone with edamame, and was hooked.

Smoked Edamame

1 bag frozen edamame



This is a great side item when you are firing up the grill for burgers, chops, steaks, or anything else. Soak some wood chips (I like apple) in water for about 30 minutes before your grill is ready. Cook the edamame as directed, drain, and enclose in a foil pouch. Punch a few small holes in the top and bottom of the pouch. Place the pouch on the grill so that it is not directly over the coals. Throw a handful of soaked wood chips on the coals. As you are grilling the main course, let the edamame take in the smoke. Serve immediately. These are great as a side dish or appetizer.