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TAF Awards $300K for arts and culture projects


The Tippecanoe Arts Federation is helping other community organizations launch projects.

TAF awarded $300,000 to nine groups.

The funds are intended for organizations focused on arts and culture.

TAF Executive Director Tetia Lee says the efforts funded through this money have wide ranging effects.

"Knowing how much of an impact it's going to have and the smiling faces..there's is just a tremendous amount of people who have such pride in this community because of the work of these volunteers," she said.  "It's made possible through these dollars. So that's the actual reward.  I can't wait until their projects are done so I can go out there and experience it with them.”

The largest award of more about $92,000 went to the Prairie Preservation Guild in Fowler.

The money will be used for a digital cinema package which will allow the local movie theater to continue to show the most recent releases.

Making the change is required for all movie theaters across the country by next year.

Karen Moyars with the Guild says the money allows a community mainstay to continue to be an asset.

“It would have been a big loss because we do serve all of Benton County for the movie theater and not only do we show movies, but we are also the place in the community where people meet," she said.  "Benton County doesn't have a lot of entertainment venues and outside of sporting events, the movie theater is basically the place where the community comes together.”

The Tippecanoe County Historical Association is receiving $42,000.

Executive Director Kathy Atwell says that will help pay for a mobile history museum.

“It's going to be a truck and mobile trailer that will be outfitted with exhibits and interprative material so that we can go out to schools, county fairs, and senior says and take out rich regional history out to them.”

She says this is necessary because fewer people are coming to historical museums.

Other recipients include the Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette, Indiana Fiddlers Gathering, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, Friends of Frankfort Library, and Friends of Delphi Community Library.