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The Ultimate BLT

The summer vegetable garden is best when it provides a bounty of fresh food from July until well into the fall.

And for Scott Hutcheson the finest of food that comes from the garden or farm field is the tomato, especially when it's part of that classic sandwich - a BLT, with a twist.

BLT with Shallot Basil Mayo

Shallot Basil Mayo

•                     2 Tablespoons shallots, finely chopped

•                     2 Tablespoons basil leaves, finely minced

•                     1/2 teaspoon olive oil

•                     4 Tablespoons good store-bought mayonnaise

•                     Salt and Pepper to Taste


•                     8 slices of think-sliced cooked bacon

•                     4 pieces of bread, toasted

•                     2 medium tomatoes, sliced

•                     Several pieces of green leafy lettuce

•                     Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat a small sauté pan to medium and add the olive oil. Add the chopped shallots, stirring them until they are lightly brown. In a small bowl mix together the sautéed shallots, basil, mayo, and salt and pepper to taste. Place in refrigerator until ready to use.

My preferred method for cooking bacon is in the oven. I heat it to about 325 degrees and put a wired rack on a rimmed baking sheet. I place the bacon on the wired rack and cook at 325 for about 20 minutes. I like this method for a lot of reasons. It does not leave your stove top splattered with bacon grease and the bacon does not curl up once cooked.

Whatever method you use, the rest is pretty simple from this point on. Spread the mayo on each piece of toast and stack on the bacon, lettuce, and tomato. I add a little salt and pepper. This will make two sandwiches. Double or triple the mayo recipe if you are making more. This mayo is best made as needed.

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