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Join West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel as he reviews books from all walks of literature.

Here, There, Elsewhere: Stories from the Road

It’s summer time and the open road urges us to travel.  What better travel writer to take along – or to read in our cozy armchairs – than William Least Heat-Moon, author of 1982’s best seller Blue Highways?   In this, his newest book, Heat-Moon ever inquiring, ever curious personality takes us along as he travels into the heart of Mayan Yucatan, “the end of the world” on the southwest coast of England, and across that not-so-boring state we know as Kansas.  A trip as wide as the world and as intimate as your best friend’s tales of adventure, this is a collection of travel yarns to savor!

Nick Schenkel, retired Director of the West Lafayette Public Library, is a long time WBAA contributor who reviews books from all walks of literature.