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Push For Public Pianos Passes

Joel Kramer

West Lafayette leaders have granted a request from schoolteachers to install pianos in two outdoor locations in the city. From July 11 through July 28, the instruments will be chained to benches near the West Lafayette Public Library and Margerum Fountain.

It’s a project spearheaded by the Tippecanoe Music Teachers Association and backed by city councilwoman Vicki Burch. Burch says the city will solicit feedback on whether to expand the program in the future.

“We’re open to hear their thoughts about this,” Burch says. “If they think it’s a good thing and we should expand the two week season to, say, a month or several months. And if they’re saying ‘boy, this was not a good idea,’ then okay, we’ve done it and it worked or it didn’t work.”

The teachers will cover the pianos in the event of inclement weather and the city won’t have to pay to have them installed.