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Library's World Record Attempt A Balancing Act


The Hancock County Public Library hopes to kick off its summer reading club by setting the world record for having the most people simultaneously balancing books on their heads.

They need roughly a thousand people to complete the feat to beat a record set in Australia last year.  Catherine Riley, the library‘s youth services manager, hopes the event will engage young readers.

"We’re tying it in to kicking off summer reading because we have a superhero theme, and we thought that’d be a good way to have kids be super heroes by getting this world record" Riley says.

Riley says the rules require not only balancing the books but, en masse, walking five-and-a-half yards while doing so.

"The book can fall off your head, you just need to stop, pick it up and put it back on your head," Riley says. "We’re telling you don’t give up, you know, heroes don’t give up. You keep trying and as long as you keep going, you qualify."

The world record attempt will be at the Greenfield-Central High School football stadium between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Saturday. 

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