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Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On The Definition Of "Blight"

City of Frankfort

As he’s been running for re-election this year, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes has tried to position himself as the man at the middle of multiple changes in Frankfort.

Voters will decide next week whether they like the change they’ve seen or whether they want to make another change – at the top of city government.

On this week’s Ask The Mayor, we probe a few of those changes as the 2015 municipal elections loom.

Whether it’s renovating city hall, deciding what to do with a money-losing golf course or determining how to judge whether drug interdiction is working, Frankfort’s mayor is spinning a number of plates simultaneously. on this week's show, he takes our questions about the magic act he’s asking to try to perform in the next four years.

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