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Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski On Traffic Timing, Scooter Rules

Stan Jastrzebski

We say often on Ask The Mayor that if a topic is affecting one community in our rotation, there’s a good chance it’s affecting others, too.

For months, we’ve talked to West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis about a lack of coordination between traffic signals in the city. Now, two listeners have written in to ask why Lafayette seems to be battling a similar issue.

That’s one topic we address this week with Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski. Also on the show this week, when motorized scooters suddenly show up on the streets of the city, and people start riding them, what’s the city to do?

Lafayette has begun to regulate the scooters, but does the city risk alienating the young people it’s been trying to court by taking away a newfound amenity that many of them seem to be using?