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Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On Hospitals And The Humane Society

courtesy City of Frankfort

When IU Health took over Frankfort Hospital in June of last year, executives made it clear the facility needed retrofitting.

How, the company is reportedly considering building an all-new hospital in the city. So would it offer the same basic services as its predecessor, or is it a chance for the city to boast an amenity that might draw in more investment and residents?

We put that question to Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes this week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor.

We also talk more about the Clinton County Humane Society, which just saw its interim executive director resign weeks before he had planned to because of what he calls “micromanagement” by the board that oversees the shelter.

The city has already pulled its funding, and established a relationship with the former shelter director to address the county’s feral cat problem.

So what must an upcoming review of the shelter’s finances find for the mayor’s trust to be re-established?

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