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Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Replacing His Police Chief

City of West Lafayette
photo provided

We already know of one New Year’s resolution for West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis – his plan to seek a fourth term in office. But some Ask The Mayor listeners have a couple others they’d like him to make.

One person wants the city to place a ban on the electric scooters on which Purdue students have been zipping around the city for a few months.

Another wants more proactive salting of city streets before wintry weather moves in.

And still another wishes that when roads are repaired in West Lafayette that the new pavement would be installed to at least the prior standard.

And we add one possible resolution to the mayor’s list: make clear who’s running the West Lafayette Police Department, following Jason Dombkowski’s loss in last month’s sheriff’s race -- though the mayor says that's still up in the air.