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Right to Work opponents blanket Lafayette area neighborhoods

Those opposed to a Right to Work measure in the Indiana General Assembly are getting their side mobilized in the Lafayette area.

A flyer distributed throughout the area calls the bill "unfair, unrealistic and unreasonable." It asks citizens to contact State Representative Randy Truitt (R-West Lafayette) and State Senator Ron Alting (R-Lafayette) to tell them to vote against the legislation. YOU CAN SEE THE FLYER HERE.

If passed, employees would not be required to pay union dues, as is currently the situation, whether they belong to the union or not. However, labor organizations say they will still have to represent non-union dues paying employees if they file a grievance with their employer.

Democrats in the Indiana House have been avoiding the floor to prevent a quorum to do official business. A hearing of House and Senate members did take five hours of testimony on the issue Friday. The Senate Pensions and Labor panel voted 6 to 4 in favor of sending the Senate bill to the full chamber to consider.

Supporters of Right to Work say it will lure more businesses to the state. They also say it won't hurt unions. Opponents disagree, citing lower wages in current Right to Work states.

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