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Wabash National dedicates new Innovation Center


A Lafayette semi-trailer manufacturer has renovated 20,000 square feet of space to show off past and current products, and recent innovations. The facility will help incubate and launch future customer solutions.

Wabash National President and C.E.O. Dick Giromini says the space was designed with all stakeholders in mind.

"We'll invite customers in. We can invite analysts and investors in. We can invite suppliers in. We can even use it as a training site for our folks. We have a presentation facility for up to 300 people to be seated. Conference room facilities for meetings. We'll use it for pilot reviews, first trailer reviews for customers."

The building on Kossuth Street is named for Rod Ehrlich, who is Wabash National’s chief technology officer. He authored more than 50 patents for the company since it was founded 27 years ago.

Ehrlich says the building is needed to help customers understand what Wabash National has to offer.

"Like our truss lock, for instance. When I tell you it's a truss lock, a new door lock, that doesn't tell you anything. But when I show it to you, and show you what it does, and show you the safety aspects, you'll understand. That's why having a place to demonstrate those types of features is part of the sales job."
The Innovation Center was once a company warehouse, which sat empty for several years, before renovation work began.