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Research park can benefit from new laws

A lawyer with Indiana’s largest patent law firm says companies in the Purdue Research Park benefit from changes to patent laws.

Dan Lueders with Woodard in Indianapolis says opposed to awarding the patent to those who first come up with the idea, patents now go to those who file first.

Lueders says this helps smaller start-ups, such as those in the Research Park.

“Larger corporations may have a great invention, but there's sometimes, a greater chance that a good idea can, I won't say get lost in the bureaucracy, but at least slowed down in the bureaucracy," he said.  "Where as, a little company or an entrepreneurial company, start-up,  I just think empirically that is less likely to happen.”

Changes to the America Invents Act were signed into law last year.

While some parts already took effect, it won’t be fully implemented until March.

Lueders recently spoke to companies in the Research Park about changes to the law.