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Before WBAA

The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, September 7, 1920

Much Equipment Added to Station

Radio Course to Be Opened Soon

Experiments to Obtain Ideal Aerial for Radio Station Improve Results

Much experimental work was carried on during the summer in an effort to secure the best possible type of aerial for the Purdue radio station. Because of the peculiar situation of the station, surrounded by tall buildings and trees, the problem which confronted Prof. R. V. Achatz, who is in charge of the station was a most difficult one. The temporary aerial which has now been erected has given some excellent results.


Good Results Obtained


In the sending line, distance have been covered which are excellent for the two kilowatt station.

A new four-step amplifier has been installed, and with this, overseas stations in both France and Germany have been heard with ease. These stations have wave lengths varying from ten thousand meters up.

Good results have also been obtained in experimenting with the radio telephone during the summer.


Radio Course Starts Soon


A lecture course in radio, open to all students in the University, is also planned again this year. In this course the theory and practical application of both transmitting and receiving instruments and circuits are discussed, and practical work in sending and receiving is offered.

This course will probably be held on Wednesday evening from seven until nine in the lecture room of the Electrical building, and will probably start within the next few weeks. Prof. R. V. Achatz is in charge of the course.


The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, December 7, 1920


Purdue Radio Station has Largest Day in Its History


The Purdue radio station had the biggest day of its history last Saturday when it received and transmitted five long distance relayed messages. The messages were received from Savannah, Ga., Hastings, Neb., Detroit, Mich., Troy, Ohio, and Convoy, Ohio. These messages were relayed from the senders to Purdue, by intermediate stations, regular routes having been established. Most of Purdue messages are received from Indianapolis.


The Purdue Exponent - Friday, January 7, 1921


Radio Station to Aid in Fading Tests

Purdue Chosen By Government to Make Series of Tests on Fading of Radio Signals


The University radio station has been selected by the U. S. government to aid in making a series of tests on the fading of the radio signals. The test is being conducted by the Bureau of Standards in conjunction with the American Relay League.


Messages Sent Each Week


The variable fading of radio messages has been observed for some time, but so far has not been overcome. In the test, certain signals will be sent out from a central station and will be received by the selected stations which are at different distances and in different directions from the transmitting set. Messages will be sent out every Tuesday and Thursday nights from nine until ten-twenty o'clock throughout the month of January.


The stations selected are the largest in the United States and include the Normal Station at Washington, the Hartford, Conn., set and one at Woodhaven, Long Island. F. F. Hamilton '14, who operates in Indianapolis is also helping in this test.


The Purdue Exponent - Wednesday, January 12, 1921


Radio School Reopens Under Supervision of Professor R. V. Achatz


The radio school will be in session again this year under the direction of Prof. R. V. Achatz. The first meeting will be held in the lecture room of the Electrical building on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. when Professor Achatz will talk on the principles of radio telegraphy. Demonstrations will be given later as will also code practise. Anyone interested in radio operation may attend.