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WBAA was licensed on April 4, 1922 as an AM station. Please take some time to browse through our long history. If you have additional details about our history, please email WBAA AM & FM.Special thanks to Dave Samuelson and Aaron Fiddler who have assisted with the content of these pages.New audio content was posted on November 30, 2012.

Broadcasting in the 1922-1923 School Year

The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, September 23, 1922

W.B.A.A. Broadcasts First Regular Program of Year - Modlin Chief Operator.

The first regular scheduled broadcasting from the Purdue radio station was done last night at 8 o'clock. The station was in charge of W. G. Modlin '23, chief operator of W. B. A. A. for the coming year. The program consisted of the reading of two-papers that are published at short intervals for broadcasting by radio. The papers are issued by the department of agriculture and are called Agrigrams. Both before the regular program and after it several of the latest phonograph selections were played.

As yet there have been no starting records made with the C. W. set of the station, but there have been several reports from stations as far away as Missouri and Minnesota having received the signals of the spark transmitter. The call letters of the station this year will be the same as they were last year, 9YB and WBAA. The wave length this year is 360 meters.


The Purdue Exponent - Thursday, October 12, 1922

WBAA Will Broadcast Talk Friday Evening

Prof. W. A. Price, of the Entomology department will be this week's speaker at the Purdue radio station Friday night. He will speak on the "Wintering of Bees" from 7:15 to 7:40.


The Purdue Exponent - Sunday, October 29, 1922

Interesting Program Broadcasted by Radio

Friday night's program broadcasted from WBAA, consisted of a talk by Prof. F. C. Gaylord, of the Agricultural extension department, on "The Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables." Several selection (sic) were played on the station phonograph. At nine o'clock was broadcasted the first record of heart beats that have ever been sent out from a radio station in the world. This was done by an instrument that greatly magnifies sound. This program was probably heard over an area having a radius of a thousand miles.



The Purdue Engineering Review, Vol. 18, No. 2, p. 19, January 1923


The new broadcasting radio telephone set of 250-watt capacity was recently completed under the direction of Prof. R. V. Achatz. A program of broadcasting lectures of engineering and agricultural interest, extending for several months, has already been arranged for Monday and Friday evenings, respectively, between 7:15 and 7:30 o'clock. It is expected that all portions of the state of Indiana and many receiving stations at greater distances will be able to profit by these free lectures from the air.


The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, January 13, 1923

WBAA Broadcasts lecture by Miss Lella R. Gaddis - Game Results Transmitted

Last night's broadcasting from WBAA was featured by a talk given by Miss Lella R. Gaddis, of the extension division of the Purdue Home Economics department. Miss Gaddis talked on the subject, "The Home Canning of Meat." This is one of a series of instructive talks given for the benefit of listeners and especially farmers.

At 9:05 the results of the Butler-Purdue game were broadcasted in detail. This broadcasting of game results will be continued through the whole season, as there are many persons that have expressed their appreciation of this service.

The program was concluded by the playing of several phonograph selections. The fifty watt set was used for this broadcast as the other sets are  not as yet ready for regular work.


The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, February 24, 1923

WBAA Broadcasts One of a Series of Educational Talks

Another of the series of regular educational talks being broadcasted from Purdue station WBAA was sent last night at 8 o'clock. The subject was "Bread from Indiana Wheat" and was given by Miss Madeline Conner, of the Home Economics extension department here.

Immediately preceding and following the talk several records were played. WBAA has been reported very regularly has having been well received at rather distant points.

WBAA To Receive Reports of Game

First time a Running Account of a Basketball Game Has Been Attempted Here.

For the first time at Purdue a running score will be available for fans who have to content themselves with staying at home while the Varsity fights to uphold its good name on the hardwood court.

Wisconsin Station Sends

The radio station at Wisconsin University has made arrangements to broadcast a running account of the Purdue Wisconsin fracus tonight for the benefit of the many radio fans and for the Purdue boosters "back home." The same station broadcasted a similar program during the Michigan-Wisconsin game several nights ago and they were received with remarkable clearness and volume at WBAA.

Returns at Wrestling Meet

The returns will be read and posted at the Gymnasium during the wrestling meet, no one being admitted at the radio room during the reception of the broadcast. If the weather is anywhere near decent there should be no difficulty encountered in getting the results.