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IN doesn't like GED changes

Indiana officials are looking at options for a new high school equivalency credential exam.

The Department of Workforce Development and similar offices in nearly all the other states are seeking alternatives to the traditional GED. The move comes as Pearson, the company that owns the rights to the current test, plans to move it online and nearly double the price.

A DWD spokesperson says going online only will cut in half the number of available places to take the test in Indiana. Officials also worry Hoosiers won’t be able to afford the higher cost.

State officials released the request for proposal (RFP) Friday, which is the first step to having a new high school equivalency credential exam in place by January 1, 2014, when the GED changes are slated to take effect.

“Developing a credential Indiana employers will recognize as a viable equivalent to a traditional high school education is a core priority in this process,” said Scott Sanders, DWD Commissioner. “We will also be relying heavily on our education stakeholder partners for input as the importance of transition to post-secondary educational achievement cannot be overstated.”