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Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: Regional Research And Picking Amazon

Purdue University

Some questions for this month's talk, which can be heard in its entirety from 12:00-12:30 and 6:00-6:30 on WBAA News Wednesday:

You responded Monday to the IPFW faculty senate about comments you made about whether research should be done at regional campuses. What prompted you to respond?

How do you see campuses like IPFW and IUPUI playing into Purdue’s research mission going forward?

Last week, you announced Purdue would partner with Amazon to offer discounted books to students – including the opening of two on-campus locations, starting in the Spring. In more than one speech as governor, you decried the picking of “winners and losers” in an economic context. Isn’t Purdue doing that here?

Will the court decision against the NCAA in the Ed O’Bannon case affect the way Purdue compensates its athletes?

The Big Ten Commissioner, Jim Delany, has said he doesn’t think the conference’s school’s will vote for paying players, and has said schools could be kicked out of the conference if they do. Does that worry you?

Purdue is slated to see several thousand people whose savings are tied up in the Public Employees Retirement Fund retire this summer to avoid penalties wrought when the legislature made changes to PERF. How will all of the people quitting their jobs affect the school?

We talked last month about Purdue trying to increase summer enrollment by offering a greater diversity of classes. Did the plan result in more summer classes being taken this year?

The Republican National Committee has assembled a poll asking anyone who wants to submit a ballot who’d they’d like to see run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016 – and your name is among about 30 listed – a list which also includes Governor Pence, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and others. Did you know you’d be on this poll when it came out?

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