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Purdue Officials Ask State Budget Committee For $161 Million

Stan Jastrzebski

Purdue officials have presented their capital projects request to the State Budget Committee for the next two-year budget cycle. University Chief Financial Officer Bill Sullivan laid out the numbers for lawmakers Wednesday.

“Big picture, I guess the drill is, to a certain extent – I came a little bit in the middle of this process – is to throw a bunch of things up against the wall and see what sticks," Sullivan says. "And so we put forth a proposal of about $181.6 million in capital projects, of which we have a $20 million co-investment and request state aid of about $161 million.”

Purdue President Mitch Daniels explained the money would be used in part to fund the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

It would also help fund the university’s push to have more of what Daniels calls “active learning” classrooms and would position the university to again grow its student base, which could help draw more money from the legislature in the future.