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Rossville To Add Computers, Classes As Part Of School Tech Program

Max Anderson

Rossville students will attend a homeroom period this school year to learn about technological responsibility. Schools have also added three technology-centered courses.

The class addition came as part of Rossville Consolidated Schools’ technology program. New computers and tablets for K-12 students are to be distributed later this month. Teachers were required to attend training with the new computers this summer.

Superintendent James Hanna says the program aims to prepare students for a changing technological workplace.

Hanna says the technology will be taught as a learning tool paired with the class curriculum.

“I don’t see it coming 100-percent from the Internet,” Hanna says. “I know there’s virtual classes out there, but I think the thing that really matters for schools is the relationships and I don’t think our teachers have lost sight of that by far.”

Hanna says the schools would like to see parents more involved through its online canvas program. The portal would allow parents and students to check attendance and homework records. But long-term funding for the technology program hasn’t been identified yet.

“I foresee that, in three years, when this bond gets paid off, more than likely that’s going to be the time that these computers will also cease to function in a useful manner,” Hanna says.

Hanna says he thinks using grants to continually fund the program is unrealistic. He hopes using money from the textbook rental program could serve as a foundation for future spending.

Hanna says the goal is for schools to fund their technology programs without outside help. 

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