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Report: More Hoosiers Completing College On-time, But It Still Takes Longer For Minorities

John Walker

More Hoosiers are now completing college in a timely fashion, according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

But black and Hispanic students are still far less likely than white students to graduate on time.

About two-thirds of Indiana students now receive a bachelor’s degree within six years. 

“More students are graduating on time which saves them considerable amount of money," says Higher Education Commissioner Teresa Lubbers. "We calculated that an extra year of college costs about $50,000 a year.

But, she says, the graduation rate plummets when looking at Black and Hispanic students.

"We still see a significant achievement gap," Lubbers says. "Black and Hispanic students are about half as likely white students to graduate on time."

According to the department, most campuses have measures to help Black students graduate on time. Far fewer specifically focus on Hispanic students.

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