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More Indiana High School Students Are Earning College Credit

WFIU/WTIU News file photo


More Indiana high school students than ever are earning college credit.

More than 60 percent of 2016 graduates received advanced placement or dual credits, according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s latest college readiness report. That’s up from 47 percent just four years ago.

Sean Tierney is an associate commissioner for policy and research with the Commission. He says this means high schoolers are better prepared for college.

“And we’ve also seen a significant decrease in the number of high school students who go straight to college needing remediation,” Tierney says. “Remediation is essentially, are they prepared for college level courses.”

Tierney says on-time completion rates have been increasing over time for both two and four-year institutions. He says the more prepared students are, the better chance they have to do that.

But the percentage of high school students who go directly to college after graduating remains the same at 64 percent.