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Sen. Lugar must re-register to vote in May's Primary

U.S. Senator Dick Lugar will re-register to vote after his right to vote in Indiana’s primary was denied by the Marion County election board.  The decision was part of a legal agreement that kept the issue from being decided in court.

The Marion County Election board ruled a couple weeks ago that Senator Lugar and his wife were no longer eligible to vote using the address of their Indianapolis home as proof of residency. The couple sold the home in 1977, after Lugar was first elected to the Senate.

Lugar challenged that ruling and a Marion County Circuit Court hearing was scheduled for Friday.  However, the hearing never happened as the two sides agreed to a settlement.

Election Board attorney Andy Mallon says the board is satisfied with the outcome.

“They made the choice to switch their voter registration from the precinct in Wayne Township to the family farm in Decatur Township, which, based on the facts that were presented to the board, seemed like the right thing to do.”

Lugar’s attorney Lee McNeely argued that, under Indiana law, Lugar’s address was frozen when he was elected to the Senate. That means he could continue to vote in Marion County despite having sold the home.  Still, McNeely says re-registering was the easiest way to put the matter behind them.

“If you’re looking for substantial contacts in the Marion County, this is one that’s not only substantial but long-standing.  And so he’s been essentially the farm manager for years and years, continues to do so and this is just a convenient place to vote from.”

Lugar must officially re-register by April 9, if he wants to vote in the May 8th Primary.