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Pence rallies in Lafayette

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The Republican candidate for governor is making another push for support from members of the Lafayette community.

Mike Pence stopped in the city Friday afternoon to meet with voters leading up to Election Day, Tuesday.

He says the state is moving in the right direction, but believes his vision will build the state’s economic momentum even more.

“I really do think that Hoosiers know this is not an ordinary time in the life of our state," he said.  "We've made great progress over the past eight years and if we elect the right leadership at every level, I think Hoosiers sense we can take our rightful place as the leading state in the Midwest and one of the fastest growing economies in the country.”

The most recent numbers from the Howey/DePauw Battleground Poll have Pence ahead of Democrat John Gregg and Libertarian Rupert Boneham.

The survey gives Pence 47-percent of the vote, with Gregg at 40-percent, and Boneham at five-percent.

"There is only one poll that matters and that opens at 6 a.m. on November 6th," said Pence.  "We are going to stay focused entirely on taking advantage of carrying a positive message about how we make Indiana the state that works every minute until the polls close on Election Day."

Nine percent of voters say they’re undecided.