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Bernie Sanders Plans To Visit Purdue Wednesday At Noon

courtesy Purdue University

11:15 p.m. Monday UPDATE:

An e-mail from the Bernie Sanders campaign confirms a 12 p.m. event Wednesday at Purdue's France Cordova Recreational Sports Center.

Doors will open to the event at 9:00 a.m., with the senator's speech slated to start at noon.

A press release from the campaign says Sanders plans to address college affordability, among other topics.

Sanders has proposed making college free for all Americans. Even though that would make college cheaper -- a key talking point of the Mitch Daniels administration at Purdue -- Daniels has said he disagrees with Sanders' plan to raise taxes on most Americans to fund "free" college educations. Sanders' talking points stick mostly to highlighting a tax on Wall Street investors (or "speculators," as the campaign calls them).

WBAA will live-tweet the event. Follow @WBAANews on Twitter for updates.


WBAA has learned, from a source close to the Bernie Sanders campaign, that the Vermont senator is planning a campaign visit to Purdue University Wednesday.

Details of the event, including its exact time and location, have not been firmed up.

The visit would come just six days before Indiana's May 3 primary election -- a race which could be tight on the Democratic side between Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

It would also mark the latest in a series of visits to Indiana by candidates from across the political spectrum, including Donald Trump's visit last week, Ted Cruz crisscrossing Central Indiana Monday, visits by both Hillary and Bill Clinton slated for Tuesday and even radio show appearances by Libertarian Party candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

This story will be updated.

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