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Actor Sean Astin Stumps For Hillary Clinton In Indiana

Gage Skidmore

 Actor Sean Astin spent Election Day stumping the state for Hillary Clinton and talking to Hoosiers about the importance of their vote.  In recent years, Indiana has consistently ranked low for voter turnout. Astin emphasizes every vote counts.

“Hopefully people realize that’s it’s not just who wins or loses but it’s the margins by which those people win or lose could make or break the campaign,” Astin says. “I mean this is really pivotal moment and Hoosiers ought to stand up and be counted.”

In the 2014 midterm elections Indiana was last in voter participation with just 28% of registered voters showing up at the polls.

Astin says he’s been traveling the state and isn’t sure if Hoosiers are showing up at the polls in strong numbers for this election.  He had a conversation with one woman at a convenience store earlier Tuesday.

“…And I said ‘Hey are you going to vote?, and she said ‘Oh I don’t think so’ and I said ‘Why not?’ and she said ‘Well I don’t know enough...’ explained Astin. “And I though you know as much as most people, you know how you feel, you know what you think, you know what you’ve seen and get out there and do your best… that’s the only way we learn as a culture.”

Reasons for Indiana’s low voter turnout has been blamed on anything from apathy to voter ID laws to polling hours.

Sean Astin, whose wife is from northern Indiana, says he’s been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton since he gave a speech with her in 1992.

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