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New IN tourism director visiting, promoting state

Indiana’s new executive director of the office of tourism is visiting different parts of the state.

Mark Newman took over the job earlier this month. He most recent worked for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra as its vice president of marketing and communications.

Newman says the industry brings in $10 billion each year and he wants to keep the momentum going.

"We have hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to the state of Indiana for various things - everything from major sporting events to major cultural events, folks who are passing through and stopping because they see something on a highway sign that catches their eye. There are a lot of wonderful things happening and people coming from out of state to enjoy it."

He says he’s visiting the local tourism bureaus throughout the state to learn about them and more about what Indiana has to offer.

"My goal is to take the information that I'm gleaning from my conversations and pull it together to develop a strategy that will attract, not only people from outside Indiana, but also people from inside the state to check these wonderful things, these destinations that we have."

Newman says the more Hoosiers visit different parts of the state, the more likely they are to promote attractions to family and friends elsewhere.