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Talks begin on New Chauncey long term plan

Members of the New Chauncey Neighborhood are putting together a plan for how it wants the community to grow.

They are working with architects, Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission staff, and the city of West Lafayette on the document.

Carl Griffin is part of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Team. 

He says the goal is to have a more uniform understanding of the type of projects that will be allowed in the area.

“What we hope will happen is that this will provide the framework for something that everyone is more or less comfortable with and the city can look to as policy,” he said.

Those working on the plan met with neighbors of the area, Tuesday.

It was the first of three workshops on the issue.

New Chauncey resident Scott Mills says he is encouraged by the proposal’s progress.

But, he wants more attention on the needs of non-student members of the community.

"If there is going to be development, development that caters to long term residents, not short term residents," he said.  "On paper, I think the document as written is very pro-long term resident, pro-preservation and it reads well."

The goal is to have the plan finalized and presented to the APC in December and, if approved, it goes to the West Lafayette City Council in January.