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Lafayette may shut down municipal golf course, Battle Ground course donated


Lafayette may shut down its municipal golf course.

Mayor Tony Roswarski says it’s no longer financially viable to operate it, because the course is so susceptible to flooding.

He says it has cost the city more than $231,000 since 2009, and is recommending the Parks Board close it, because it’s operating at a loss.

"One of the concerns that we have looking forward is, where does that leave the course as far as viability if there were to be another significant flood," said Roswarksi.

He said another major flood this year could cost the city as much as a $250,000 in revenue.

John Schuemann owns the Battle Ground Golf Club.

He is donating the course to the city's Parks Foundation because he says community golf courses are important pieces to the local makeup.

"I said 'well, I could probably offer up Battle Ground in order to keep a community based golf course,  community based asset that hopefully will be here for many years to come,'" said Schuemann.  "This hopefully gives stability and becomes a long-term asset.”

The donation is to the city’s Parks Foundation, however, the course will be run by a separate non-profit that will have a board of appointees by the Mayor, County Commissioners, and Parks Board.

The city will have no financial liability.

"This is kind of a once in a lifetime, generous opportunity, when somebody is willing to donate a golf course to you free of charge." said Roswarski.  "Not only free of charge, but a golf course that is in extremely good condition."