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National Foster Care Month

There are about 175 children in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties currently in foster care. Statewide, the figure is 5,600 abused and neglected children.

The Department of Child Services is calling attention to those in need, and those who open their homes, during National Foster Care Month.

Angela Archibald and her husband are foster parents in Clinton County. She says many people ask her about the experience.

"We just treat her like she's our own child and so does everybody else. She just has adjusted really well and done really well with the stability - knowing what to expect day-to-day at our house, which is probably something a lot of these kids need."

Archibald says many people ask her about the experience and some will share stories about being a foster parent or sibling.

“A lot of the reaction we get is – Oh, we could never give them back after they’ve been in our care,” she says. “But we feel like, if we were able to provide for her and care for her and love her and show her a stable, loving home – at least we did our part. Even if we have to personally go through the pain, she doesn’t have to.”

Archibald says the age difference between her child and foster child is less than a year, which made the transition relatively smooth. She says support from the foster care specialist during the process also has helped them adjust.

More information about the Foster Care program in Indiana is HERE.