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PSUB seeking perfect tree for the holidays

Mike Loizzo
WBAA Radio

The Purdue Student Union Board (PSUB) is scouting for a Spruce. The group is accepting submissions for the tree it will put up in the Purdue Memorial Union’s Great Hall for the holidays.

PSUB Traditional Events director Taylor Lampe says the tree must be 24-30 feet high, about 14-15 feet wide, and any variety of Spruce.

“Every year, since about the 1930s, the Purdue Student Union Board has put up a large Christmas tree in the Great Hall of the Union. Starting in about 1975, we had community members donate Christmas trees,” she says. “Now, it’s become a large tradition.”

The tree also must be away from power lines, to make the removal safer, and within the Lafayette-West Lafayette city limits.

Lampe says they hope to choose from as many as 40 submissions this year.

“We’ll try to decide which one has the best shape, has the prettiest color. Some of it is kind of subjective, but it does have to fit the certain requirements.”

PSUB will pay for the removal of the tree and clean-up, which will take place around December 1. Once it’s standing in the Union, Lampe says a team of students will decorate it in one night.

“We get these huge cranes and try to put the lights on with these poles, and wrap different gifts and put ornaments on it. It’s such a great accomplishment once it’s done, because so many people do get to see the tree and it’s such a great way to bring the community together.”

Anyone who wants to donate their tree must contact PSUB by October 10th.  The phone number is (765) 494-8981 or you can email: psubtrad@purdue.edu

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