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Indiana Food Banks Split 20 Tons Of Mac And Cheese


Three Indiana food banks are receiving 20 tons of macaroni and cheese.

Land O‘ Lakes donates 40-thousand pounds of dairy products in a different state each month.

August is Indiana‘s turn, for the first time in about two years.

Gleaners Food Bank CEO Cindy Hubert says the frozen heat-and-eat five-pound bags of macaroni and cheese are a good fit for the area, combining nutrition with a food people like to eat.

"For us, 20,000 pounds equates to about 12 or 13 thousand meals," says Hubert. "We figure a package of this will probably serve a family of four."

Half the donation will remain in Indianapolis.

The rest will be split between Food Finders Food Bank in Lafayette and Catholic Charities Food Bank in Terre Haute.

Greenfield farmer Ronnie Mohr is vice chairman of the Land O‘ Lakes Foundation board.

He says the Minnesota-based national food cooperative began by donating food that was nearing its expiration date.

Since 2009, he says, the company has gone beyond those donations to deliver grocery-ready cheese, eggs, butter, pudding, and mac-and-cheese.

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