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Kassigs Try Using Twitter To Reach Son's Social Media-Savvy Captors

Stan Jastrzebski

The mother of an Indianapolis native being held hostage by the group calling itself The Islamic State is using Twitter to try to reach out to his captors.

A family spokeswoman says Paula Kassig started a Twitter account on Wednesday and sent a short note to what appeared to be several Twitter accounts that appeared to be based in the Middle East.

The note was intended for the leader of ISIS, addressed as a "Message to the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi from the mother of Abdul Rahman Kassig."

In the message, Paula Kassig says she and her husband and not working with the American government to reach her son’s captors. She calls herself “an old woman” who’s trying to reach her only son and says she’d like to be in contact with the militants.

The message was tweeted once in Arabic and in English nine times to a variety of Twitter accounts. It was sent the same day that Paula and Ed Kassig attended a prayer vigil for their son organized by the Butler University Muslim Student Association.

The message comes almost a week after the Kassigs released a YouTube video attempting to directly address Abdul Rahman‘s captors, as well as their son. Abdul Rahman Kassig was captured October 1, 2013 while working in Syria for a humanitarian group he founded. He’s since been named the next target of a series of beheadings seen in gruesome internet videos over the last month.

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