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Bill Would Let DNR Sell Tree And Flower Seeds Out Of State

Warren P Lynn

Department of Natural Resources nurseries could sell surplus seeds out of state, under a bill scheduled for a Senate committee vote next week.

Carmel Senator Mike Delph says state nurseries are turning some tree and wildflower seeds into mulch because they‘re producing more than they can use. He says letting the DNR sell those seeds would both prevent waste and help with the agency’s budget.

“It’s just simply wasteful for the state to have this excess stock that we could do something with, but we choose not to. And then we just grind it up into mulch.”

Forester Scott Heeren with Hensler Nursery in Starke County protests the state shouldn't be competing with private growers. He says if the state has excess seeds, it should either take steps to cut production or sell to Hoosier nurseries for resale.

Delph says the bill limits annual sales increases to 15-percent in an attempt to address the concerns of private nurseries. And he says private businesses produce some plants DNR doesn‘t.

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